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IoT Engineering Intern at 

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3 -month full-time internship (June 2019)

A small tech startup that brings magic to life with technology controlled by magic wands embedded with RFID chips.



Voice Recognition
Interaction Design

My Role

  • Solo project of embedding voice recognition into existing products using a Raspberry Pi running Google's speech-to-text API. This helped secure £50,000 in sponsorship from Google. I coded the product in python from scratch, I soldered all the hardware, I worked with the design team to ensure continuity of aesthetic, I designed a casing and I sent 4 finished prototypes to the New-York venue where they now operate every day.

  • Wrote comprehensive documentation for this project so other engineers could recreate my prototypes.

  • Re-designed the packaging for their retail magic wands. This improvement yielded an 83% reduction in CoP and was 20 times faster to assemble. 

  • Put in charge of a 3D printer farm of 14 FDM printers, producing 300 magic wands during my time.

  • Assisted with laser cutting production and assembly.

What I Learnt

Working in a fast-paced startup environment /

Meeting tight deadlines and sprint objectives /

Understanding user interaction and ease-of-use /

The importance of interdepartmental communication /

Designing for long-term use and reliability /

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