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Design Engineering Intern at


4 -month full-time internship (April 2020)

An agrotech startup that grows radically sustainable and transparent cotton for the fashion industry.


Me testing my cotton-picking prototype

20200522 pepper-68.jpg

My Role

Worked on 2 major solo projects:

1. Disease identifier

  • Created a working Android app that uses machine learning via a TensorFlow model to categorise cotton plant disease via a phone camera image. 

  • Presented the working prototype to the Co-Founders through an in-field demo, they were very happy with the results.

  • Also created a 'looks like' prototype using Adobe XD to demonstrate how the App UI would look. 

2. Cotton Picking

  • Tasked with creating a low-cost method of mechanising cotton picking for small-hold farmers.

  • Went from problem definition to research, ideation, and prototyping.  

  • Created 2 working prototypes and tested them in-field. My wearable cotton picker can speed up picking by 12x compared to current hand picking. 

hydroCotton test bud (1).jpg
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